February 15 horoscope gemini

Good relationships should be fine but tensions will be exposed within unhealthy relationships. Disappointment or embarrassment is possible if you lower your standards or try too hard. November 3 to 6 — Venus quincunx Uranus on the 5th increases your need for change and excitement in your love life.

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You may experience a brief period of instability or drama in your relationships. Flexibility, open-mindedness, compromise, and minor adjustments will keep a healthy relationship on track. November 12 to 26 — Full Moon November helps you bring to completion something you have been working toward all year. With a burst of daring energy, you can initiate this final stage of your long term goal. Increased emotional strength, patience, and self-discipline see your dreams turn into reality. November 21 to December 3 — Sun opposite your decan brings pressure from competitors or superiors who seem to make your life difficult on purpose.

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Step back from the situation that is causing difficulty and work out why you are getting these reactions. Think about what you are really trying to do, and if this is the best option.

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November 23 to 27 — Sun quincunx Uranus on the 25th can make you nervous, tense and anxious. You might find it hard to settle and relax as your intuition senses change or some drama on the way. It is important to be flexible and adapt to changing conditions.

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Try to go with the flow and fit in. November 25 to December 26 — New Moon November may cause change, upset and indecision. But with open-mindedness and flexibility you can make the most of the opportunities created by the changing conditions ahead.

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Use this last new moon before the December 26 solar eclipse to make your dreams come true. Or you might end up buying something, such as plants or fish, to bring new energy into your home. You'll be eager to make some small changes to your immediate environment.

Gemini Horoscope today February 15 2015

Don't let things remain drab and boring. It could be the perfect time to shake things up! A group you are affiliated with could meet somewhere in your neighborhood. Though you are usually more sensitive and intuitive than many others, today you could well be feeling especially so. Expect a lot of phone calls and visitors - and don't be surprised if you find yourself reading their minds! Artistic and creative interests could also be important to you at this time.

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Love: Thanks to Venus taking you under her wing, love is well and truly in the air! November horoscope: More ambitious than ever Your hardworking and courageous side really come to the fore this week. Get yourself out there and put your red-hot skills of seduction to the test. A dream opportunity is set to be sent your way some time after November 22nd, so prepare to seize it with both hands.

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Check the February 15 zodiac description! Gemini Horoscope today February 15 General: Close.

Love: Close. Money: Close. Health: Close. Do's for Gemini February 15 Have a night out!