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In this article you can find the ephemeris table for the month of January for each day and with the movements calculated with degrees and hundredths of a degree. If you want to know what the ephemeris are exactly, we have given a broad definition in this article and here instead we describe and give to all of you the complete table with the Swiss ephemeris for the first month of the year that is, for January, calculated for every midnight of each day.

I'm looking for the astrological ephemeris of the month of January of the new year Where can I find great ephemeris online for free? Do I need to download or print the ephemeris of January for free to know the correct position of the planets in the various signs of the zodiac? Who helps me to find a table online with the daily ephemeris of the month of January ? Below, in fact, you can read a very colorful and easy to understand table.

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First, let's say that if you want, you can download for free all the months of the new year and then all the ephemeris of the year in PDF format instead of PNG and then as an image. Below you find the link for the entire download of the document. Otherwise you can only download the table with the epitome of January or go to another month finding and clicking on the links immediately after the table. But how does this table work and how do you read it? The gig is yours, if you believe in yourself more.

Your analytical heart is always exploring taboos within relationships.

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Opening up your current relationship to sexual experimentation might satisfy any untouched desires. Freeing your mind and embracing your new sexy vibe can be exciting and exhilarating, as long as the rules of the relationship are on your terms. Your on-and-off-again relationship is now on again for the moment. However, you and your boo might be spending time discussing and rehashing the past during the next several months.

Your relationship may last this time around.

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Fingers crossed! Your adventures can wait. A former flame zombies you out of the blue and tries to ignite the spark between you both. Spend the extra money to give your home the proper face-lift it needs. The frustrations and upsets you have experienced in recent years are now disappearing. Planetary positions are favorable for you to feel and act better. The future, although not sure, looks brighter, although it looks more bleak in the past. You will make progress in all areas of your life.

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Continue with what you do because there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sagittarius career perspectives look better for Bring your creativity to the forefront and take care of your professional commitments with ease and dignity.


Actions speak louder than words, so let your performances speak to superiors during this period. Success comes over you this year, but do not lie down on lauri. It is a good time to make more professional relationships and try to make peace if there are conflicts.

However, your sensitivity may stay in the way of professional development. Do not let go of the wave and be ready to give a helping hand to those in need at work. Throughout , some important details about your love life will appear in the foreground.

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This will open your way to a happier relationship. You will mature emotionally. It well balances the pros and cons before making major decisions. It will be difficult to control your impulses of mind and heart during this period.

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Stay away from irresistible offerings in love and marriage. Listen to your consciousness and do not let anyone dictate your choices. It is a good time to develop your relationship, if you are willing to share your true feelings with your loved one.